Recommended Stamping Points

The Route 47 passport serves to demonstrate, but above all, to prove to yourself that you have visited all of the Iberian Spain.

You can stamp it every time you make a stop, at bars, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, tourist offices, etc.... Everyone has a stamp, and they will be delighted to put it on you because it's like carrying a business card. If the establishment does not have a stamp, you can ask them to give you a signature or write it with a pen. The point is to take a memory with you.

Regardless of where you stamp, we will gradually designate some recommended stamping points. These Recommended Stamping Points will be places that offer special treatment to all travelers who stamp their passport and want to have the "official stamp of Route 47."

If you have a public establishment and want to be a Recommended Stamping Point, contact us by calling or writing a WhatsApp to +34 654 80 77 49 or by email to and we will get it started.

Below is a list of the Recommended Stamping Points of Route 47 with their location.

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