The authentic passport of Route 47

Should I acquire my Route 47 passport?

Acquiring the passport gives you the privilege to certify your journey through each Spanish province of the Iberian Peninsula.

Designed like an authentic passport, this document is composed of hard covers and 52 pages of matte paper, preventing the ink from smudging on the stamps you'll collect at your stops along the route.

Stamps can be obtained at any establishment (bars, restaurants, tourist offices, hotels, museums, town halls, etc.).

Once all 47 pages representing each province are stamped, you can send us photos of them, and we'll create a diploma certifying the complete completion of Route 47. You can download it from your profile on this website.

Price: 25 €

Fully personalized

Each passport we issue is numbered and personalized, making it unique.

To obtain it, you must be registered on this website or on the website and click the green button below these lines.

After just three steps where we'll ask if you're alone or with a companion, request the photo you want to appear on your passport, and provide your shipping details, you'll have it in a few days.

It will also display your registration number and another number indicating the passport issuance number.

Deluxe Passport ( 50 €)

If you're a bit more discerning or simply want to surprise a special person with a great gift, this is your option:

Passport in a wooden box with the Route 47 logo engraved on the cover.

The passport comes with a pin, a magnet with the Route 47 logo, and a bottle opener magnet with the logo, to which you'll also have access by being registered on Route 47.

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