The Route 47

10,000 km across an impressive country

The Route 47 is one of those dreams that one promises oneself when buying their first motorcycle. I want you to look back and remember that moment: "My first motorcycle." I'm going to get on it, and I'm going to explore incredible corners. I'm going to become an adventurer, and I won't stop racking up kilometers. A great route: Cape North, Route 66, who doesn't know it? Route 40 in Argentina, Morocco, the Alps, Around the world...

Some of us have been on some of these routes, and each one enriches us in various ways... we meet new friends, visit amazing places, discover new smells...

We all know that we have a privileged country for riding a motorcycle, but damn it!... it's right here, and I can travel it whenever I want.

Life is not that long, and in the end, one realizes that they are missing out on great wonders we have right next door.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in Spain, we have everything, and everything is within our reach. We have the coast, mountains, deserts, ports, viewpoints, gastronomy, we can eat whenever and wherever we want. In the worst case, there's always a ham sandwich to satisfy our hunger. We have incredible, kind, friendly people; we know the language, and best of all, we have curves to the point of saturation, and the majority on well-paved roads.

This is The Route 47. 10,000 km of curves that will take you to discover the 47 Spanish provinces of the Iberian Peninsula.

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